Concrete vs Other Solid Surfaces

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While concrete isn’t the only option for solid surfaces, it offers a number of advantages that other materials can’t match, particularly when it comes to versatility. Here, we compare concrete with some of the most popular alternatives.


With Marble or granite you are dealing with the limits of mother nature. Even though these stones come in many colors they are still no match for the endless color palette of concrete. We can match any color as closely as possible. We use integral pigments and stains to achieve different effects and finishes.


This is where architectural concrete has no boundaries. Concrete offers the greatest design flexibilities of any solid surfaces. Since concrete is poured into molds it can take any shape or form. With concrete we can create sharp curves, integrated sinks, drainboards etc, the design process is endless with concrete.


The concrete countertops are specifically poured for your home or business. This gives you the ability to truly customize your concrete countertops or sinks.


With concretes biggest allure is its ability to fit into any style of home or business. Concrete has the ability to adapt from modern to rustic farmhouse , industrial to contemporary.