What You need to Know About Concrete

Why Concrete?

The main attribute of concrete is its versatility. It can be adapted to any setting or style. Concrete Countertops have a warm, natural look to them. Concrete can be cast into any shape and dyed in almost any color. You have the ability to add unique custom inlays such as recycled glass, decorative stone and even fossils.

Does Concrete Stain?

Concrete is porous like many other natural stones. Our concrete is sealed with a high performance sealer that protects the concrete from oils and acids commonly found in your kitchen or bathroom.

Will my Concrete Countertops Crack?

We use various types of reinforcing in our concrete mixture to help eliminate cracking. Even with proper reinforcing of the concrete, hairline cracks may still occur. These hairline cracks, if they occur, are non structural and will not effect the integrity of your countertop.

Can I Cut Directly on My Countertop?

While cutting on your concrete countertop will not hurt or scratch the concrete, you can damage the sealer that has been applied to protect against staining. We always recommend that you always use a cutting board.

Can I place Hot Pans on the Concrete?

We do not recommend that you place hot pots or pans directly onto the countertop. The hot pot or pan will not damage the concrete but can damage the sealer. We recommend that you use heat resistant trivets or we can customize a integrated trivet into your countertop.

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